The Zambia Ministry of Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary for International Relations and Cooperation Ambassador Chalwe Lombe has advised Zambian nationals to fulfill the requirements in the countries of origin, transit and destination before intending to travel abroad.


Ambassador Lombe has stated that countries have formulated guidelines in view of the Covid-19 pandemic to help contain the spread of the disease and these apply to foreign nationals wishing to depart or enter those countries either on business or for tourism purposes.

Documents such as special travel permits, Covid-19 negative certificates and travel visas are now among the requirements and it is incumbent upon would-be travellers to have the proper documentation depending on the country of origin or destination.

While some countries have eased travel restrictions and reopened their borders to international travellers, others have continued to uphold the suspension of all existing visas granted to foreign nationals except those belonging to diplomats and project categories, owing to the continued upsurge in Covid-19 cases in some parts of the world.

Members of the public are urged, to obtain in advance, accurate travel information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other credible sources in order to reduce the risk of their being denied exit from the country of origin; getting stranded while in transit; or being denied entry into the destination country.

Zambians are further encouraged to ensure strict adherence to the set guidelines and public health measures on Covid-19 to avoid unnecessary inconvenience as they travel.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterates its readiness through its Missions abroad to continue serving the country and providing the relevant information to Zambian nationals regarding travel guidelines during the period of the pandemic.



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