The Abuja – Lokoja highway along Zuma Rock in Niger State has been blocked by women said to be wives of Police Officers attached to the Special Force and living at the Special Force Barracks.

The Women are protesting the non challant attitude of the Federal Government to the plight of their husbands and non fulfilment of numerous promises made to some of them who lost their lives in active duty.

The women are also expressing disgust over the wanton neglect of the Barracks the are living in with no social amenities like schools, hospital etc, for them and their children.

One of the protesting women, Mrs. Benedicta Enyi to Journalists how their husbands are taken to Katsina, Zamfara and Sambisa for Special mission where, according to her, most of them don’t return.

“The Federal Government is gathering a colony of widows here, our husbands are been killed daily with no news from the authorities and nobody coming to our assistance. Intact, we are living miserably here”, she said.

Mrs. Enyi lamented that most of them who lost their husbands don’t know their fate as there hasn’t been any official communication or benefits paid to their wives.

“We are not leaving here, we want to see the Inspector General of Police (IGP), we want answers and solutions to our problems”, the women chanted away as they blocked the busy Kaduna-Lokoja highway.


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