Day 39: A heroic Wager presentation
The Lockdown Housemates got us all teary-eyed as they took us through this emotional Wager Task presentation.

The Wager Challenge this week took the Housemates on a personal journey, which was a celebration of the heroes in their lives, someone with a very special meaning to each of them.

On Monday, they were tasked to develop an artwork dedicated to this very special person. Art supplies were provided on Tuesday, giving them ample time to produce their individual masterpiece.

Today’s art pieces will be judged based on the quality of art but by the story they tell, and Biggie will reveal the result of the Wager tomorrow evening.

The presentation

Today’s art pieces will be judged based on the quality of art but by the story they tell, and Biggie will reveal the result of the Wager tomorrow evening. Each Housemate had to present their art piece or pieces in front of the House. Tonight, they had to tell the House the inspiration behind the art piece, who it is dedicated to and why you consider that person a superhero. The Housemates were not timed on this presentation; however, the Head of House had the liberty to determine the length of each individual presentation.

The gig for tonight is that the more personal and creative each individual presentation is, the more they are likely to win their Wager. The presentation took place in the Lounge, with Ozo coordinating the whole process and Lucy hosting the art show.

My mother, my hero

The Housemates were told to feel free and vulnerable, tell their story as well as they can, as it is their truth. Starting with appreciative messages and tributes to their mothers as their heroes, Erica, Trikytee, Vee, Lucy and Nengi presented their art pieces as they shared emotional stories about their mothers.

We found it very cute that while they all had different stories, they all had the same type of love and emotions and reactions as they took the House through their presentation. While Erica told us an emotional story about how her mother raised her as a single mom, providing the best things of life using the little resources she had, Trikytee also got us reaching out for tissue paper to dry our tears as he disclosed how his mother is the only one that comes through for him, even when things are rough. Brighto started off his presentation with the popular Dolly Parton’s ‘Coat of Many Colours’ and let us in on his mother’s sacrifices to give him a good life. Also, on this table, sat Lucy and Vee as they took us on an emotional ride through their stories.

Although Lucy’s mother has died, she owes her strength and business mind to her second mother who is her aunty. Vee also disclosed her mother’s sacrificial qualities for the family, and she can’t wait to reward her. Nengi who lost her mother at a very young age and her father at an even younger age, left us with a touching story that explained how much of a pillar her mother was to her while growing up. “I love you so much wherever you are,” she said while concluding her presentation.

I love you dad!

Starting this category, Kiddwaya began the father’s appreciation stories in tonight’s Wager Task as he took us through the amazing qualities of his father, and how his dad has taught him everything great he has learnt in his life- from how to help others to how to have a good time in your journey in life, there’s no limit to what Kiddwaya has learnt from his father.

Ozo took the baton from Kiddwaya as he kept thanking his father for instilling love and discipline in his life. He recounted a story that changed his life as that eventful moment brought him back to reality and reminded him on why he will never disappoint his father. “I hope I can be 70 percent the man that you are dad,” he said with so much love. Describing himself as “a broke boy from a rich house”, Neo told us about his large family and how the size of his family has never stopped his dad from being present in their lives and also did not fail to instill discipline in his many children.

Laycon also talked to us about his late father and his hard times while on earth. His art piece was a representation of his father’s hand looking over him and while he sees his mother as his hero, he decided to take this opportunity to give a tribute to his late father. Still on tributes to fathers, Prince talked to us about what it is like to live in royalty and remain disciplined and focused without letting the privileges get to you. This is what Prince owes so much to his father for as he sent across a love and appreciation message to his father for all he does for the home and the village. “Thank you, dad, for every time you cautioned me and every time you beat me to show me the right way,” Prince said with a grateful heart.

Shoutout to other relatives who hold it down

Not all heroes wear capes. This is the case of the other family members that the Housemates listed as their heroes in their presentation tonight. Dorathy gave her hero message to her uncle who took over her father’s responsibilities in her life and that of her siblings, after his father died. From getting her to one of the best universities to instilling great business acumen in her, her uncle sure deserves Superman’s cape. Tolanibaj gave her tribute to her sisters for coming through for her in times where she was confused and depressed. “My sisters, my rock,” she said as she took us on this emotional yet short presentation about the role her sisters played in her life.

Wathoni ended this with an emotional presentation about her son being her hero. She started off this presentation with the popular children’s song, ‘shark-do-do’ as she talked us through how her life with her son is centered around music and words between them. Going through a day-in-her life with her son, she let us in on the beautiful mother-son relationship. What got the Housemates wide-eyed was when she revealed the story on how she conceived her son without having any sexual intercourse. Such a brave reveal.

While we await the results from Biggie tomorrow evening, do you think the House deserves a Wager win this week?


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