Sierra Leoneans have come out to vent their anger after the country announced $50m for the renovation of 45 years old Siaka Steven Stadium in Free Town.

The fans who are not happy with the new development says it will be wise if the government use the money in building a new stadium instead of renovating the old Siaka Steven Stadium.

The country that played their last match against Benin in Guinea after CAF banned the country from using the 45,000 capacity stadium to host international matches will not host any game soon due to the dilapidated condition of the facility.

A Sierra Leonean named Jon Hanson posted this to show his displeasure about the state of sports facilities in the country.

“For the attention of Government, President Bio and the Sierra Leone football association

“We love football as citizens’ of this country but lack good stadiums. Imagine this stadium to our national stadium who have always been filled over and again. Sometimes, our anxiety about football overcomes the marginal population of our country. Sierra Leone needs a first-class stadium, not the Siaka Stevens Stadium. As a nation, we need to have one or more, If we’re sincere about building on the future to a better football much as we love its the most”.

Another Sierra Leonean also have this to say “Sierra Leone to use $ USD 40 million to renovate the national stadium in Freetown? Why not use that money to construct a new modern one?”

More comments show how unhappy the people of Sierra Leone are over the inability of the country to host their national teams due to the bad conditions of the National Stadium in Free Town.

“Such an embarrassing picture from a Country claimed to be independent for the past 60 years. Even Goats will refuse to eat from that so-called “Carpet Grass”. This is what the Stadium Manager was referring to as an International standard Stadium”

“See the condition of a whole National Stadium where we are even wishing to start hosting European countries and toilet Faso-called even unbearable for insects.
The looks of the background are just more like a refugee camp.
Please we need a brand new National Stadium”.

The General Lansana Conteh Conteh Stadium in Guinea Conakry Opened/Launched in 2011 having 50,000 Capacity and Cost
USD$ 50 Million”.

The Siaka Steven Stadium which only stadium in Sierra Leone has been banned several times by the Confederation of Africa Football, CAF from hosting international matches, with the recent being 2021 after the stadium hosted Sierra Leone vs Nigeria AFCON 2021 qualifiers match.



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