Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah has donated three million Egyptian pounds ($156,664) to help rebuild a church in Giza where a fire on Sunday killed 41 people and left several others injured .

The Egyptian attacker who is a Muslim has always been known for his philanthropy in his hometown and has once again offered a warming gesture through his latest donation.

Salah’s donation is understood to have been made in order to help rebuild a church destroyed by a deadly fire in his native Egypt.

At least 41 people died in Giza, which is across the Nile from the capital Cairo, after a fire broke out on the weekend. The tragedy struck as an estimated 1,000 Coptic Christian worshippers gathered for Mass at the Abu Sifin church on Sunday. The fire, which officials believed was started by an electrical fault in an air conditioning unit, blocked an exit and caused a stampede. CNN reported that at least 18 children were among the dead.

Mohammed Salah was rated as the eighth most generous person in the UK by the 2022 Charitable list which estimates that he has recently given away some $2.5million – equivalent to six per cent of his estimated $41m wealth.

One of Salah most notable donations came in 2019, when he gave away $2.4m to the National Cancer Institute in Cairo after it was severely damaged by a car bomb. Salah has also helped build a hospital, school, youth centre and ambulance unit in Nagrig, as well as providing five acres of land for a waste treatment plant, allowing residents to have a safe source of clean water.


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