The focus of Rwanda Quality Basic Education for Human Capital Development Project (RQBE) of MINEDUC is not only constructing classrooms but also supporting education priorities through strongly aligned interventions with global best practice and research evidence.


The project is constructing additional classrooms in targeted schools and new schools for pre-primary and primary students because there is a clear evidence that high quality infrastructure is associated with improving student attendance and better learning.

RQBE also focuses on enhancing teachers’subject knowledge, pedagogy skills & their capacity to use innovative teaching practices as research, accumulated practices and experiences demonstrated that teacher effectiveness is the most crucial factor influencing student achievements.

It invests significantly in provision of innovative audio-visual programs and learning materials to preschool children and early grades of primary school as high-quality early learning investment has a substantial and long-lasting impact on children’s successful schooling and future career.

The project supports the development of ICT-enabled learning materials, training of teachers, and project-based learning of mathematics and science as they are the keys to unlocking the potential for a country’s rapid economic development.



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