Ghana’s Mohammed Kudus has sensationally compared himself to Neymar, claiming that the Brazilian’s only advantage is his bigger profile.

The two players recently came head to head in an international friendly back in September, which ended in defeat for Kudus and Ghana. The 22-year-old discussed the encounter with Neymar, downplaying the hype around his Brazilian counterpart and claiming that he would soon reach that level.

“Neymar is not superior to me. Just a higher-profile player, that’s all. The fact that he has accomplished a lot improves him for the time being. I’ll arrive there shortly.

“He was defending his country and I was defending mine. I wasn’t about to let him push me around. What makes him better, for now, is that he has achieved a lot,” he says. Then, with fire in those eyes, he gives a promise: “I’ll get there soon.”

The pair could, depending on how things finish in Group G and H, clash once more in the round of 16. “We could meet again, yeah?” he asks. “Me and Neymar, part two. I’m sure he would enjoy it.” The way he says it could easily be mistaken for arrogance but it is not, it is just showcasing the supreme confidence this 22-year-old has.

Liverpool are set to scout Ajax forward Mohammed Kudus during Ghana’s World Cup clash with Portugal on Thursday after Premier League rivals Everton missed out in the summer, according to Sports World Ghana.

Both Ghana and Brazil will their World Cup campaign against Portugal and Serbia tomorrow.


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