Earlier today, 12th December 2020, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu was conferred with the status of Honorary Freeman of the Greater City of Lusaka at Lusaka City Council

When he look back at the people that have been honored before such as First Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, and the Former South African President Nelson Mandela, to name but a few, he acknowledge that this is an honour not lightly conferred, and therefore it is important for him and he shall highly value it for the rest of my life.

His Worship the Mayor Miles Sampa, in his address, highlighted the accolades leading to the Council decision to confer the president with the of Honorary Freeman of the City in his tenure as President.

President Lungu confirms that the highlighted attributes by the Mayor are as a result of well thought out policies by his team of Cabinet ministers under his leadership.

Some of these achievements highlighted by His Worship the Mayor in his speech may not have been started by the president and his team but they picked the ideas from those who were there before the President and actualized them.

Lusaka has seen rapid development during President Lungu tenure as Republican President and he hope to continue on the same trajectory not only in Lusaka but the rest of the country.

“I am poised to make Zambia and Lusaka in particular, a better place to live in. The people of this country entrusted me with the responsibility of leading this country and I will do my best to provide the much-needed leadership” he said

The last five years has shown that a city can still achieve its original status of being a garden city when it is guided by principle, consistency and loyalty to its ideals of development which embraces everyone by not leaving anyone behind.


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