The Mayor Ndola city Mr Amon Chisenga graced an event where the youths of New Mushili donated a 1×1 classroom block that was built using plastic bottle wastes (Eco Bricks) to a community school called Innovate Community School.

The youths noted that Quality education and the environment are two pressing issues affecting most developing countries and that Zambia wasn’t an exception.

The youths also noted that over 50 years of independence Zambia still face a challenge of providing quality education to its citizenry and that Practically, this can be seen in most parts of the country especially in rural areas where pupils learn from structures made out of grass, church buildings, trees, and unfinished buildings.

The youths stated that millions of single use plastic bottles are produced each day by beverage industries and that it’s unfortunate that lack of recycling industries and poor waste management behavior by the citizens, plastic bottles are careless discarded and end up on the streets; clog drains and also affect aquatic life.

And in an effort of providing quality education to innovate community school and saving the environment from plastic pollution the youths choose plastic bottles (eco brick) over traditional bricks as eco bricks are Cost effective, Shock resistant, more durable, require less building materials, easy to build and less energy is used, artistic, Natural resources are preserved, Carbon footprint is reduced and Waste generated is reduced.

And at this event His worship the mayor appealed to government to support such innovation by the youths so as they can be replicated to other parts of the country.

The mayor also thanked Mr kabemba who’s the head teacher at innovate for his dedication to help the community. And at this event Mr Kabemba thanked the youths for their donation and also appealed to other stakeholder to partner with the school as it’s in need of more classrooms.

The event wasn’t without entertainment as mikha’el performed songs such as we’ll be alright and shadows


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