When picking out Sunday church clothing the first important thing is to consider comfort. The point of church outfits is to feel free and comfortable.

Yes, you have to choose an array of easy to wear clothes. I am not saying you have to wear flip flops, shorts and ripped tees, but you have to feel confident and think only about God, so nothing disturbs your feelings and thoughts.

You can give yourself an instant hourglass shape by adding a belt to your dress by adding black leather belt which goes with everything and adds some interest to a simple dress and heels outfit.

Most of the dresses below are simple gown with a classy and decent fitting that will make someone to be comfortable in the church without thinking about the exposure of some part of her body.

Some churches require women to wear longer skirts: midi, maxi, ankle or calf-length skirts

Maxi dresses can also work nicely for women who attend church. Go for a neutral-coloured design and never wear spaghetti straps or a dress with a deep neckline.

If you are more into skirts, then I also recommend giving a try to a maxi or midi style skirt.


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