The Pace of Stadiums Infrastructure in Ivory Coast is moving fast with less than 18 months to the tournament which has been postponed to January 2024.

With Ebimpe and Yamoussoukro Stadiums already completed, the latest that will soon join the list of is the Bouake city stadium which is at the final stage.

Ivory Coast is not just building stadiums for the tournament but with a unique design from the normal stadium design. Just like Ebimpe stadium, the Bouake Stadium also have a unique design that will make it one of the most beautiful on the African continent.

Originally built as a multi-use stadium and officially opened for the 1984 African Nations Cup, the Stade Bouaké became home to Bouaké FC until it fell into disrepair during the First Ivorian Civil War. Today, the stadium is being given a new lease of life through an EUR80m investment, and the contracting expertise of Mota Engil Africa, led by Project Manager Eng. Nelson B. Andrade.

This stadium will be magnificent just like the one in Abidjan, the Commercial capital city of Ivory Coast, And more interesting, the public will be even closer to the field than the other stadiums.

Bouaké is the second-largest city in Ivory Coast, with a population of 536,189, the city is located in the Central part of Ivory Coast.


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