Francis Ngannou, a Cameroon professional mixed martial artist who most recently competed in the Heavyweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (14-month-long was the reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion at the time of his departure from the promotion has returned to the sand mine, where he used to work at age 10 in Cameroon.


The Predator’ used to work in the sand mines of Cameroon before migrating to France to start his combat sports journey. Many believe Ngannou has his sand mining days to thank for his superhuman-esque physicality

The Cameroonian was homeless in Paris after he took a 14-month-long trip from the Sahara Desert to Europe and was turned back 12 times.

He was arrested in Spain for 2 months, after crossing the ocean.

The former UFC Heavyweight champion had to pass through 3,000 miles from Cameroon to Nigeria to Niger to Algeria to Morocco through the Sahara Desert to get to Spain.

However, Ngannou is now sand mining for exercise while it once used to be his bread and butter. Posting several pictures of himself hard at work, Francis Ngannou wrote in an Instagram post:

Ngannou officially became a free agent in January when he and the UFC could not reach an agreement on a new contract following the expiration of his previous contract in December.




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