Burundi Football Federation (FFB) during a meeting held on September 20th 2022 in Bujumbura presented a renovation plan of Intwari stadium expecting it to meet the international standard and expected be finished by next year.

“Alongside the architect who is helping us, we held this meeting so as to analyze what is needed so that the Intwari stadium would meet the international standards and see if it is going to be given a green light to host international competitions,” said Arcade Nimubona the second Vice president of FFB.

In November 2021 while contesting for the position of the president of the Burundi Football Federation, Alexandre Muyenge vowed to prioritize the building of stadiums that meet international standards as soon as possible.

“We came up with the nomination of a commission of people who are going to help us to inspect. They will have to submit that list within a week. We have so far given ourselves 8 months. By that time we want Intwari Stadium which can host International competition,” added Mr. Nimubona.

Confederation of African Football (CAF) issued a warning to Burundi on May 4, 2021 where the African football governing body said that Burundi was no longer authorized to host international competitions since last June due to the substandard infrastructure.


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