Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba has admitted in using juju after the claims of older brother Mathias.

However, the French and Juventus midfielder claims that he never used his ‘juju’ to cast a spell on his French national teammate and PSG superstar Kylian Mbappé but rather, for the sake of a humanitarian organization that helps children in Africa, according to France Info.

Pogba made this revelation to investigators, and also claims to have the evidence to prove it, during another hearing with investigators as he continues to claim to be the victim of an attempted €13m blackmail by his brother Mathias.

Mathias declared in a social media video post a fortnight ago that his brother had used juju in order to have PSG striker Kylian Mbappe suffer injuries.

The engagement of the juju was made on the initiative of Paul to protect himself from injury according to reports by CNews and to bring harm Mbathe ppé.

But now, according to the minutes of Paul’s second hearing with French investigators, which France Info have seen, the Juve signing paid money to a witch doctor for the good of a humanitarian association for children in Africa.

However, France Info is also reporting that in July, people unknown to Paul’s mother, namely Yeo Moriba, reportedly came to her home to threaten her with disclosing a recording in which Paul confessed to having paid a witch doctor to harm Mbappé.

A demand of €13m was made or said recording would be published on the web. The same group had also claimed to have protected Paul from people who “wanted him harmed” for several years.

Paul was blocked from paying the full demand by his bank and instead parted with €100,000 to the group.


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