Malami SAN, undertaking silent achievements in fight against corruption, justice reforms …


The reinforcement of current frameworks and institutions in the fight against corruption is the only way Nigeria can make a sustainable win in tackling corruption in the country, the Global Economic Policy Initiative has stated.

GEPIn, in a statement signed by its President, Bernard Okri commended the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami SAN for making what it described as “silent institutional revolutionary reforms in the justice sector, and initiating critical policy directions and frameworks that have reinvigorated the fight against corruption.”

The statement further stated that, “Coordination among agencies in the fight against corruption once lacking has now been put in place; institutional and legal frameworks designed to prevent and fight corruption have been inaugurated and are providing the much needed results in convictions and recoveries. We are seeing, under this Attorney General, more recovery of looted funds by anti-corruption agencies, like never before.

“Nigeria, in the past four years, has witnessed a subtle, but very critical improvement in its fight against corruption. We have seen quicker dispensation of cases and faster convictions, neater investigations and better-presented prosecution. This did not happen by chance. They are a product of the reforms that the Ministry of Justice has undertaken.

“Abubakar Malami SAN has importantly coordinated the prosecution of corruption cases, engaged with relevant stakeholders, and provided key guidelines for the justice sector.”

The group stated that the guidelines and policy document that the Ministry of Justice had had played a critical role in the successes that have been seen in the justice sector.

“We will like to place our emphasis on three documents that have stood out for us in the reforms seen in the justice sector and in improving the country’s fight against corruption: the Asset Tracing, Recovery and Management Regulations, 2019; the National Policy on Justice, 2017 and the National Anti-Corruption Strategy Document (2017 — 2021).

“GEPIn notes that these guidelines and policy documents are masterstrokes. And they have played the long-desired role of providing direction and coordination to the achievement of justice in Nigeria.”

GEPIn further added in its statement that no nation can win its anti-corruption wars without putting up strong and resilient institutions, stating that this is what is being achieved under the President Buhari administration.

It also stated that unfortunately many Nigerians were unaware of these policy documents and frameworks that have been underpinning the victories that Nigeria’s anti-corruption war was witnessing.

It noted that the Nigerian elite class are desperate to get off the hook and would always look for loopholes to exploit in the justice system, thus without a strong and resilient justice system, that can withstand the manoeuvres of these class of people, the country’s political elite would continue to elude justice.

GEPIn also commended the Attorney General for his efforts in securing the recovery of hundreds of billions of Naira that had been stolen from the coffers of the country, and for also seeing to it that these moneys were properly and appropriately managed.

It further added that Nigerias must understand that corruption is at the root of the country’s economic problems and if not tackled frontally and unsentimentally could spell doom for the country’s growth and development.



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