The federal government of Nigeria has banned access to at least 857 websites, Onlyfan and tinder it considers pornographic in a bid to “protect social decency”.

The order was directed to the internet service providers (ISPs) citing that they violate “morality and decency” of Article 19 (2) of the Constitution and Section 79(3)(b) of the IT Act.

Earlier, N.N. Kagu , a spokesman for Nigeria’s department of telecom, said Via email the government was controlling easy access to pornography following a directive from the country’s top court.

Kagi said that while Internet service providers in Nigeria will have to bar access, users may still view the sites through virtual private networks and proxy servers. He said the move would protect children.

The leaked government order asks service providers to block access to the 1857 sites, Onlyfan on grounds of morality and decency.

The order has caused a furore with many in the country accusing the government of moral policing and infringing on personal freedoms.


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