The 26 year old Inter Milan player could not be a part of the squad which defeated Brazil at the ongoing FIFA world cup in Qatar because he had been sent away from the squad for disciplinary reasons.

Though many have appreciated the performance of Devis Epassy during the Cameroon-Brazil clash, some André Onana fans say he remains the best in his domain:

“He is the best African goalkeeper, among the world best. Say what you want, Onana is the best and has the right to disagree with the coach,” Toye a football fan affirms.


Going by French press l’Equipe, André Onana just suffered the consequences of a moment of exasperation. Two days before the game against Serbia which ended on an aggregate 3-3 for Cameroon and Serbia, Rigobert Song, head coach of the Indomitable lions of Cameroon reportedly made comments about Onana’s game tactic. A remark which was not appreciated by the goalkeeper who left the training session after making a hand gesture showing exasperation and then waving goodbye. At no point during this time did he however say anything disrespectful to the head coach or his team mates.

“I’m so mad at Onana because I love and admire him as a person and player. Humble yourself and apologize to the coach and the team for the entire nation counting on you,” says Maimo, a fan. According to Ambellie Luigi, “Onana was selfish and this will have an impact on the team for the next five years”.

The following, Onana reportedly went to the day’s training session but claimed to be feeling pains in his muscles. a complaint which did not sit well with Rigobert Song. Song the decision to send him away to show the other players that he would not tolerate any form of nuisance in the team despite his relationship with any player. A ticket was handed to him and he was asked to leave but Onana chose to hang around and wait to meet with FECAFOOT President Samuel Eto’o with the hope that the situation would be sorted out but the meeting never took place. Samuel chose to stand by Rigobert Song despite the close relationship he has with Onana and even signed a communique saying the federation stands by Song.

Some believe that the sanction was too severe and the situation could have been addressed in a better manner and have even applauded Onana’s boldness:

“He has the heart to say the truth. How many people can talk like he did to their leaders to resolve issues?” Eric Zaomah, football fan wonders.

Despite a public apology to Cameroonians and the national team, André Onana was ousted from the team in the middle of the competition and debates are now open as some believe this was neither the right approach nor time for such actions as it put the entire team in jeopardy. What if Onana had been left at his post within the team? Would Serbia have found their way to the back of the Cameroon nets three times? Would the Lions have gone home with the 3 points of the day and maybe moved on to the next round of the competition? What if…?

Credit: Cameroon Breaking News


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