The popularity of F1 is expanding exponentially, and every country wants to be a part of the travelling circus. The 2023 season already has a fresh addition to the calendar with the Las Vegas GP. And more tracks want to become a part of the sport as the bid for track diversification continues


However, the big news for next year is the possibility of an African Grand Prix. Domenicali confirmed that 23 races were scheduled for 2022, one more than the 22 races this year.

And to become a part of the 2023 calendar, Morocco’s Sidi Daoui Circuit has undergone testing. FIA will conduct the tests to determine the track’s safety standards. All F1 tracks undergo safety checks and need approval from FIA under the class 1 category. Post-inspection and class 1 category approval, the track can host a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The Casablanca Grand Prix last took place in 1958 and Morocco could afford to host it.

Morocco is currently the fifth richest country in Africa, behind Algeria, Egypt, South Africa, and Nigeria.

A Saudi journalist, Ibrahim Al-Zubaidi, provided this information via Twitter. His tweet read, “A delegation from the FIA Safety Department will visit the “Sidi Daoui” circuit in Wadi Zem, Morocco, tomorrow, Tuesday, June 21, in order to ensure that it meets the safety requirements for approval within the Class 1 category, which qualifies it to host international car races, including Formula 1.”



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