FIFA, football’s world governing body, has deleted two tweets that appeared to mock Cristiano Ronaldo.

After inspiring Argentina to World Cup glory, Messi is currently the talk of the town as many fans feel that he has now secured his status as the greatest of all time.

The GOAT debate has been ongoing for years as both Messi and Ronaldo have been battling it out at the top of the game throughout their illustrious careers.

The tweets were posted after Argentina won the FIFA World Cup One of the tweets said that the “GOAT debate” (an acronym for greatest of all time) is settled after the win of Lionel Messi’s team. “The GOAT debate is settled. The ultimate prize is now part of the collection. The legacy is complete,” FIFA’s now-deleted tweet read. It had invited a lot of criticism from the fans of Ronaldo.
But a post on FIFA’s official account, which joined the debate, was slammed for “officially” elevating the Argentinian above the Portuguese.

There was another post from the FIFA’s official handle which had a photo of Ronaldo with his thumb up with the text: “Thumbs up if you really enjoyed the FIFAWorldCup.” This tweet too has been deleted.


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