There was a drama in the Bulgarian top flight on Sunday as FC Tsarsko Selo needed a win to survive relegation. They were drawing 1-1 with Lokomotiv Sofia and got a very late penalty.

Gambian striker, Yusupha Yaffa took the ball for the penalty but the club owner jumped on the pitch and took the ball from him. The owner wanted the captain to kick. The captain went on missing the penalty and the club got relegated.

FC Tsarsko Selo’s owner, Manolov later explained why he invaded the pitch to stop Gambian striker, Yusupha Yaffa from taking the late penalty.

In his speech “It is time to say that the club will cease to exist and will not participate in professional football next season. We are announcing it now to enable the Bulgarian Football Union to fill the group as it sees fit.

“First I want to say that I am sorry for what happened. You didn’t have to get that far, but look, when a player doesn’t comply with the coach, his other teammates and absolutely no one, I can’t stand him.

“There was a dispute olikethe field between th players, the coaches also said who was determined to execute the penalty, but he did not take into account the words of the coach and his colleagues on the field. He did not comply with anyone. I was aware that this is the last penalty that we will be able to execute as a professional club, but not by a person who shows that he does not respect anyone.

“I wanted to end this adventure with a victory, and Martin Kavdanski gave a lot to our team and he deserved to take this penalty. As you saw, regardless of the result in Blagoevgrad, the players played on the field until the last minute and wanted to win the match, regardless.”

The owner also announced that the club has been dissolved after being relegated to the Bulgarian second tier.


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