Every player at next month’s FIFA Women’s World Cup is guaranteed to earn at least $30,000, FIFA says, with the winners taking home $270,000.

Women’s football is at an all-time high, but there have been concerns from players that its growing popularity is not reflected in what they earn, especially compared to men.

The World Cup in Australia and New Zealand kicks off on July 20 and when it does players from the 32 teams are guaranteed at least $30,000.

The winning team’s players will receive $270,000 (£217,000) each in Australia and New Zealand, while each individual competing in the group stage will earn $30,000 (£24,000).

The amount paid will increase the further the team progresses and in many cases, the figures far exceed players’ salaries at their clubs. Fifa’s 2022 benchmarking report found the average salary of paid players is $14,000 (£11,300).

The average club salary of women players is $14,000, according to FIFA, a fraction of what their counterparts in men’s football earn.

FIFA says the ring-fencing of money for players is a first and its investment is three times what it was at the Women’s World Cup in France four years ago.

The global players’ union FIFPro welcomed the move, saying that FIFA had “listened to the voice of the players”.

“We have taken steps towards greater gender equity in our game at its highest levels,” FIFPro said.

“The legacy of this action is by the players, for the players, of both today and tomorrow.”

“Therefore, no matter the amount of prize money available, players are not granted a share in what they endeavour on the field to earn – a share that would support their careers and livelihoods. This is especially true for our fellow World Cup competitors around the world who are still not yet fully professional.”

Fifa will pay out $152m (£122m) in total, more than three times more than the $50m (£40.2m) paid in 2019: $110m (£88.4m) is being put towards the performance-based fund, $11.5m (£9.3m) is being spent on the club benefits programme, and a further $30.7m (£24.5m) is being paid as preparation money.

Group stage: $30,000
Round of 16: $60,000
Quarter-final: $90,000
4th place: $165,000
🥉: $180,000
🥈: $195,000
🥇: $270,000

In most cases, this will exceed some player’s club salaries.


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