Big Brother Shine Ya Eye housemate, Michael, displayed a strange behaviour during the Friday night Jacuzzi Party that made housemates worried.

Michael was on a roller coaster of emotions during the party. He moved from being excited to shedding tears, and more strangely, he started punching walls with reckless abandon. Literally!

It all started in the early hours of Saturday night when his original song was played during the party.

He was so excited and he told the rest of the housemates, who celebrated with him.

Shortly after, the excitement changed into tears as he began to cry uncontrollably.

Peace and Tega tried to console him when he started crying. Peace encouraged him by saying, “Your work is fantastic, your voice is fantastic, you’re doing well.”

Tega was also at the scene trying to crack jokes to make him calm down and he thanked both of them for the care.
Later on, Liquorose tried to engage him in a conversation and he revealed that he’s missing his dad.

He said, “I just miss my dad because he knows. I just see his smile and then I can’t even call him.”

She begged him to calm down but all of a sudden, he went into the bathroom and started punching the walls, an action that got Liquorose really worried at first.

Liquorose tried to make him stop but when he didn’t budge. So she went to call his love interest, Jackie B, who is also one of the Heads of House for the week.

Jackie B was worried at first that he may punch her but Liquorose said Jackie B should try to console him.

Michael couldn’t calm down as he even punched a hole into the whole.

While other housemates became worried at his behaviour, Big Brother’s voice boomed out of the speakers as he called Michael into the Diary Room.


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