It all started during a random conversation while at the lounge when Liquorose said she doesn’t think Angel had the right to have the Boma’s conversation with Queen and for Pere, he agrees on that.

Angel didn’t find that cool and had to leave there while ranting. In an attempt to find out why she did that, Cross had to take Angel to one of the rooms and for Angel, she came out sincere to Cross that this wouldn’t be the first or second time Liquorose would be making jokes that involves her.

Cross in reply asked if Angel had talked to Liquorose about this and to Angel, she doesn’t need to have that conversation with her as she doesn’t fuck with Liquorose that deeply but if It was Cross that said something she didn’t like, she would meet him one on one and talk things out. Even if she’s cool with Liquorose, she’s not friends with her on that level for her to be making jokes and wouldn’t in turn go to her to make jokes

Angel went to say everything in the house is beginning to piss her off and in reply, Cross advised her to be cool as she’s in the same space with Pere and Liquorose unless she wants to evict herself.


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