Ecuador could be kicked out of the World Cup in Qatar following revelations that their player Byron Castillo falsified his birth documents.

Chile had complained to FIFA after Ecuador booked their place for the 2022 tournament, claiming Castillo was born in Colombia.

The Byron Castillo case took a 180-degree turn, after the Daily Mail newspaper published evidence that showed that the player falsified his papers to represent the Ecuador national team.

The British tabloid has published an interview in full from 2018. The recording comes from a formal interview conducted by the head of the FEF’s Investigative Commission with Castillo in 2018. In another development Sportsmail published a letter outlining the conclusions of the Investigative Commission, which were delivered to the FEF’s president and Disciplinary Commission in December 2018.

Ecuador‘s Bryan Castillo has been asked by FIFA to attend a hearing of their Appeals Commission with the team’s place at the World Cup under threat.

On 15 September, the virtual appeal hearing of the Castillo case will take place following a new complaint from Chile to FIFA. However, the player will be absent. “He has no legal obligation to appear. In a trial, if my witnesses decide not to go, I can’t force them,” his lawyer Andrés Holguín told radio La Redonda.

A spot at the FIFA World Cup is on the line as Ecuador qualified in front of Chile during qualification.

When players are deemed ineligible, a default 3-0 defeat is given to the offending team, meaning Ecuador would lose four points from their 0-0 draw and 2-0 victory against Chile.

Chile would gain five points from this and eight goals in goal difference, which would propel them from seventh to fourth on 24 points, just in front of Peru on goal difference.

This would guarantee a spot at the World Cup.

Ecuador – drawn alongside hosts Qatar, The Netherlands and African champions Senegal in the group stage of this year’s men’s World Cup – would drop out.


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