FC Porto is set to fire the former Newcastle defender Chancel Mbemba for age cheating.


An investigation into the DR Congo player has revealed he has four different birth dates with different clubs and country.

On Paper, he is 27 while other current document shows he is at least 33 and not 27 as he claimed.

In the investigation carried out, His first two clubs in Congo shows he was born in 1988 (33years).

The year later changed to November 30, 1991 when he played in an Africa Cup Of Nations qualifier in 2011.

While For Belgian club, Anderlecht, Mbemba his birth date shows he was born on August 8 1994.

He went on an interview to claim he was born in 1990, revealed that he underwent bone tests to prove he was actually born in 1994 before his move to England.

The Portuguese club isn’t happy with any of these shocking reports and has decided to release him.



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