Some teams have started rejecting the accommodation provided by the host Ivory Coast for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations.

The host nations built Villas to accommodate teams who will be playing in places like Korogho, Bouake, and San Pedro but these didn’t go well with countries like Morocco, Algeria, and Guinea.

Algeria was the first country to refuse its accommodation site offered to it by CAF in Bouaké. The AFCON which has the amenities of a 4-star hotel, was refused by the president of the Algerian Football Federation, Walid Sadi for reasons he said. “Regarding accommodation, I went to the AFCON city built in the form of villas, which was to accommodate us during the competition. But we opted for plan B, because I felt that this accommodation would not offer optimal concentration. So, we requisitioned an entire hotel, not far from the stadium, for the entire Algerian delegation, which will be put in the best conditions,” confided the president of the Algerian Football Federation.

As was expected to be, Morocco has joined in the dance and refuses to settle in the AFCON City of San Pedro. The Moroccans have opted for a hotel located by the sea, belonging to one of their compatriots during their stay in San Pedro.

Just like Morocco, Guinea does not want to reside at the Parliamentary Hotel. The Guineans believe that the Parliamentary Hotel is too big for them and that they need a hotel that is not too big for them.

The 34th edition of Afcon takes place from 13 January until 11 February 2024.

It is the second time Ivory Coast has hosted the finals, having also welcomed Africa in 1984.


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