Malawi head coach Mario Marinica has hit out at the conditions his team have encountered at their AFCON accommodation and outlined his belief that there is a conscious bias against the “smaller” teams in the competition.

Mario Marinica says they have been bracing up hard to play their round 16 opponent, Morocco tomorrow. Speaking during a pre-match press conference, the flames coach however complained that they are being treated as secondary teams or underdogs given the difficulties they have been facing.

Amongst the difficulties, he raised the issue of inadequate food and the fact the dresses of players are not washed.

Mario Marinica at press conference on Monday: “We are treated like second-class citizens. I don’t have milk for my coffee. We don’t have access to the washing machine. My players wash their clothes, Do you imagine that Sadio Mané could wash his clothes himself during a competition?.

Our clothes haven’t been washed, it’s true, and we’re facing some problems, It’s unfortunate that we’re being taken as underdogs.

“As Africa, we need to be treated equally, the same as Senegal, Nigeria, all equally. This is a competition, no teams are guaranteed they will win it, and we all need equal treatment and fairness.”

The Malawi Flames will face Moroccan tomorrow in Yaounde for a place in the quarterfinals.


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